About us

Are you looking for how to visit wineries outside Barcelona or to take part in a wine tasting event while in Barcelona? Wine Experience is a Swedish company in Barcelona and part of a growing network within the Catalan wine world. It is a network of Spanish wine experts, sommeliers and wine makers, local restaurant owners as well as hotels and hostals. Together we can offer you a tailor made gastronomic experience in the exciting Catalonia!


We offer you to take part of the Catalan world of wines. Join us on a gastronomic tour through fruity and spicy wines that perfectly match the excellent Catalan food. The most famous wine districts are Penedes and Priorat but Catalonia has many up-comers that already reached beyond the borders of the country with their wines.

Not enough time for visiting wineries? No problem, we also arrange wine tasting events in Barcelona with a chance to try wine from the different Spanish wine districts. Try and see which one is your personal favourite…

Winery visits. We take you to the wineries of Penedes, Priorat and Montsant, south of Barcelona. Choose between half a day or a full day visit. Regardless of what you choose you will have a personal guided tour in the winery with wine tasting in the end. After the wine tasting you have the possibility to go to a specially selected restaurant and enjoy the harmonic environment and discover the local Catalan cuisine.

Wine tasting. For smaller or bigger groups. This is your opportunity to try wine from different Spanish wine districts or to compare wines made of different grapes. We adapt the tasting event to your requirements with different set ups depending on what you are interested of.


It is not one person’s experience that is the strength in this network but the total experience that the whole network offers.

The wine makers, are the base of the activity. They have the know-how that it takes to handle the grapes in the best optimal way and to finally produce the internationally known Catalan wines.

The wine experts, have many years of experience in the Catalan world of wines and they can transfer their knowledge to you in an inspiring way.

The restaurants, are located in the gastronomic centre of Europe and attract the best chefs of the world to produce all that is included in the Catalan cuisine. Catalan food is focused on enhancing the taste of the ingredients. Therefore spicy tastes are rare, since that could take over the taste of the dish. The main ingredients of the Catalan cuisine are olive oil, garlic, onion, tomato, nuts and dried fruit. The modern way of Catalan cooking has been inspired by tastes from the whole world and this is why the Catalan food is so popular.

Hotels and hostals, there are plenty of them in Barcelona and by the Catalan coast. But you will also find them next to the wineries where more and more tourists are going. To stay next to the wineries, eating in a local restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset by the mountains, is an unbeatable experience!